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Our Mission here is to produce and supply hygenic quality products efficiently to our customers through a team work of highly skilled and motivated staff. Read more

Forward Integration

We are delighted to inform you that we have a 50 Metric tons per day Vegetable oil Refinery from Desmet of Belgium to refine crude Palm Kernel produced by the company and also to bleach and deodorise palm oil. See PictureVegetable Refinery Read more

Capacity Upgrade

Our Cocoa Factory with the recent enhancement of installed capacity now has a total of 20,000 metric tons as available capacity. picture Read more

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Cocoa Product



The seed of the cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao Linnoeus) which is fermented and dried. Cocoa of merchantable quality must be fermented, thoroughly dry, free from smoky beans, free from abnormal or foreign odours and free from any evidence of adulteration.

Reasonably uniform in size, reasonably free from broken beans, fragments and pieces of shell, and be virtually free from foreign matter such as stone, tramp metal or other matters likely to cause damage to the processing plant.

To comply in all respects with the regulations laid down in the international Cocoa Standards


Free from undesirable odours and off-flavours (viz, Mouldy, Smoky, Acidic, objectionably Astringent). To be equal to previous accepted deliveries, consistent and characteristic of the product.


Cut Test:        

Moudy beans                                      -          5% maximum by count

Slaty beans                                          -         5% maximum by count

Infested / Insect damaged                 

-         3% maximum by count

Germinated / Flat beans                     

Bean Size                                         Bean size is defined by the bean count and expressed

                                                           by the number of beans per 100g.  The bean count

                                                                        shall be 100 or less (Main crop).


Extraneous matters                             -         1.00% maximum



Moisture (typically)                             -           6.00% - 8.00%

Fat (typically)                                      -           55.0% to 59.00% (in dry nib)

Free Fatty acid level                           -           1.00% maximum



Should have been treated with minimum possible pesticides, according to Good Agricultural Practices with residues at less than the Codex MRL’s.



Delivery in hygienically packed hessian sacks each weighing 64kg and opening stitched with thread.


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Plot 5 Block 77 Basheer Shittu Avenue Magodo GRA,
Lagos, Nigeria.

Cocoa Factory
FTN Cocoa Processors Plc, Kilometre 9, Monatan-Iwo Road, Ibadan.
Oyo State, Nigeria.

Palm Kernel Factory
Plot 3 Sangogbade Layout, Beside green Springs Hotel, Old Ife Road, Ibadan.
Oyo State, Nigeria.

Cocoa Warehouse
FTN Cocoa Processors Plc,
Soka Bus Stop, Sanyo, Ibadan.
Oyo State, Nigeria.

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