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Welcome to the Official website of FTN Cocoa Processors Plc

Our Mission here is to produce and supply hygenic quality products efficiently to our customers through a team work of highly skilled and motivated staff. Read more

Forward Integration

We are delighted to inform you that we have a 50 Metric tons per day Vegetable oil Refinery from Desmet of Belgium to refine crude Palm Kernel produced by the company and also to bleach and deodorise palm oil. See PictureVegetable Refinery Read more

Capacity Upgrade

Our Cocoa Factory with the recent enhancement of installed capacity now has a total of 20,000 metric tons as available capacity. picture Read more

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Expectations from Suppliers and Buyers


At FTN Cocoa Processors Plc, we are committed to quality in everything we do.
Producing cocoa products people love, demands quality within all of our products, and actions, from sourcing, manufacturing and food safety to marketing, logistics and first rate customer service.
Active management of quality is vital to ensure the integrity of our products, the creation of value for our shareholders, the strengthening of the bond and the partnership we have with our customers.
This policy reaffirms our commitment to quality and food safety through the application of rigorous standards within our business and the wider environment in which we operate.

We will:
1. Market high quality, superior value products that consistently meet our specifications and comply with local regulatory requirements, while continuously improving and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

2. Guarantee that our customers come first by actively listening and understanding their quality and value expectations at the points of purchase and usage.

3. Ensure that any representation of our company image, including our products and trademarks, meet approved standards, reinforce our commitment to quality and safeguard the reputation of FTN.

4. Maintain a “right first time” culture that consistently embraces quality and food safety, where everyone understands their responsibilities and accountabilities.

5. Operate audited quality management systems that continually improve processes to deliver this policy and our standards.

6. Assign clear management accountability for setting and meeting measurable goals and targets for quality and food safety.

7. Work with our supply chain and business partners to ensure compliance with our quality policy and systems, Ensuring quality throughout our supply chain.

8. Place continuous improvement at the heart of our performance enabling us to deliver superior products and service to our customers

9. Create a passion for quality where success and achievement are communicated, recognized and celebrated

10. Review and update this policy ensuring it continues to reflect our values and the expectations of consumers.

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Contact & Address
Head office
Plot 5 Block 77 Basheer Shittu Avenue Magodo GRA,
Lagos, Nigeria.

Cocoa Factory
FTN Cocoa Processors Plc, Kilometre 9, Monatan-Iwo Road, Ibadan.
Oyo State, Nigeria.

Palm Kernel Factory
Plot 3 Sangogbade Layout, Beside green Springs Hotel, Old Ife Road, Ibadan.
Oyo State, Nigeria.

Cocoa Warehouse
FTN Cocoa Processors Plc,
Soka Bus Stop, Sanyo, Ibadan.
Oyo State, Nigeria.

Phone: +234 1 740 9651
Mobile: +234 1 740 4744

Website: http://www.ftncocoa.com.ng
Email: info@ftncocoa.com.ng


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