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Our Mission here is to produce and supply hygenic quality products efficiently to our customers through a team work of highly skilled and motivated staff. Read more

Forward Integration

We are delighted to inform you that we have a 50 Metric tons per day Vegetable oil Refinery from Desmet of Belgium to refine crude Palm Kernel produced by the company and also to bleach and deodorise palm oil. See PictureVegetable Refinery Read more

Capacity Upgrade

Our Cocoa Factory with the recent enhancement of installed capacity now has a total of 20,000 metric tons as available capacity. picture Read more

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FTN Terms 

APPENDIX:   DEFINITION (extracted from: International Cocoa Standards, Model Ordinance)

Cocoa Beans

The seed of the cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao, Linnaeus), commercially and for the purpose of the Model Ordinance the term refers to the whole seed which has been fermented and dried.

Broken Bean

A cocoa bean of which a fragment is missing, the missing part being equivalent to less than half the bean.


Two cocoa beans fused together during the fermentation process that can be split apart with finger pressure.


A piece of cocoa bean equal to or less than half the original bean.


Alteration of the composition of graded cocoa by any means whatsoever, so that the resulting mixture or combination is not of the grade prescribed, or affects injuriously the quality of flavour, or alters the bulk weight.

Flat bean

A cocoa bean of which the cotyledons are too thin to be cut to give a surface of the cotyledon.


More than two beans joined together which usually cannot be split apart with finger pressure.

Foreign matter

Any substance other than cocoa beans, fragments and pieces of shell.

Germinated bean

A cocoa bean, the shell of which has been pierced, slit or broken by the growth of the seed germ.

Insect damaged bean

A cocoa bean the internal parts which are found to contain insect at any stage of development or to show signs of damaged caused thereby, which are visible to the naked eye.

Mouldy bean

A cocoa bean on the internal part of which mould is visible to the naked eye.

Smoky bean

A cocoa bean which has a smoky smell or taste or which shows signs of contamination by smoke.

Thoroughly dry cocoa

Cocoa which has been evenly dried throughout.  The moisture content must not exceed 7.5%.


Debris remaining after removal of whole, double and broken cocoa beans, clusters and foreign matters.  This shall include cocoa bean fragments, pieces of shell, broken nibs, dust and flat beans.

Slaty bean

A cocoa bean whose internal surface exposed by a cut is uniformly slaty grey indicating that the bean has not been fermented.



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